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Clean-up and Removal tips

If your computer is infected or has unwanted pop-ups then it is probably time for a cleanup.  There are also fake virus clean up and registry clean up programs to watch out for.  Click here for an article of sites to avoid.

  1. First empty your temp files and startup folder of unnecessary items.
  2. If you recently installed new “free” software consider removing it.
  3. Shutdown the computer completely and restart.

We service all the popular systems Dell, Toshiba, HP, Compaq, Fujitsu, IBM/ Lenovo, Panasonic, Authorized INTEL, AMD Dealer.

Contact us and we can remote in and confirm if possible that you do have some type of virus or trojan.  We can take care of many problems this way and you save time.  If the problem persists the computer will need to be sent to our cleaning lab.
Please Call 972-418-2000

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