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Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile use is trending and one you can leverage today!
Let 1 Call Service put your website on the road to mobile friendly Shangri-la.

What is a “Mobile Website”?

As the mobile world continues to grow in size and popularity, it’s important to make sure that your website can be viewed by those using smart phones, tablets and other media enabled devices. When you first got a website, you probably didn’t consider the mobile phone and web explosion. Most people didn’t.

However, with the invention of the iPhone and Android, mobile users have been on the rise and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. So how can you prepare your website?

The most important thing to know about mobile version websites is that they aren’t new sites. They are simply your current site, stripped of any unnecessary graphics and text and rearranged into a format that mobile users can use (the “button-block” format). by stripping away unessential graphics and text, you are making the mobile site load faster and putting the information the user wants into an easily attainable format.

How do you create a Mobile Version Website?

When you hire 1 Call Service, we take a look at your existing website and infrastructure to see if it is “scalable”, meaning that it is setup in such way that there is a separation between the content and the design. If you’re site is a static HTML site, chances are an upgrade is in order. The web is a dynamic place, and we recommend moving your website to a Content Management System (CMS) and utilize a database to store your documents. This will allow us to separate the content from the design, which is key in the development of a mobile version website.

If and when your current site is scalable, we go through with you and help you decide on what to keep and what to throw away when the site is viewed on a mobile device. Most of your content will stay, but the design will be moving toward a more “button block” look, where the content is surrounded by navigation buttons so the user can navigate the site more easily.

Some things that will not exist in your mobile version website:

  • Flash – Most smart phones cannot render flash files, so they are of no use to you in your mobile version website
  • Splash Screens – If you have an opening landing page that requires a user to “click to enter”, we recommend you NOT put this on your mobile version website. People are already on your site for a reason. Why make them click more than they have to to find your information.
  • Full size backgrounds – Many sites today have a large graphic as a background image. Since the smart phone’s screen is small, it’s a good idea to not include a large graphic like that. We will either remove it completely, or replace it with a smaller version for the mobile site.

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