“We had that problem for a month before you fixed it in 1 day!”

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Automated Network Maintenance - Defining a solution is half the battle.

Preventative Maintenance

The Turn-key solution for planned, proven IT maintenance.

  • Eliminate Hourly Service Call Charges With Full Helpdesk
  • Includes Scheduled On site Service – service with a smile!
  • Includes Free Phone Support
  • Includes Free Remote Desktop Support

You are 10 minutes closer to 1 Call Service freedom!

  1. Proactive Server Monitoring & Alerts
  2. Automatic Antivirus Checks Every Morning
  3. Automatic Backup Every Night
  4. Priority Support
  5. Asset Inventory – Where did all that money go?

Our planned preventative maintenance agreements are simple.  We come to your office on a scheduled basis and work directly with your staff keeping problems from happening or escalating.  Along the way employees learn new things and get their questions answered.

We realize the competition is trying to get you to install software on each PC and telling you to write a check each month, then if they actually do some work that will be extra!  We understand that you
need help for issues included.  1 Call Service wants to see you and help make the office better!

No hardware required, no upfront license fees, no hassles! Easy and Simple!

Contact us, our service has proven to be the best around! We have been in business since 1994.

Phone 972-418-2000 Get all the information.

Your Business Has Choices!

Hire another employee or like many others have found it is wiser to outsource computer support and get a complete IT department at an affordable fixed cost.  A sample list of benefits:

  • On-site service
  • On-site consulting
  • On-site upgrades
  • Dedicated personnel
  • Maintenance reviews
  • On-site user support
  • User training
  • Emergency IT support
  • No labor cost for hardware repairs
  • System status reporting
  • Planned System maintenance
  • System monitoring and tracking
  • Priority service
  • Phone support
  • Remote support

1-CALL Plus© is year-round planned network server and PC maintenance to maintain your company computers.

During scheduled service visits, on-site services include the highlights listed above plus network design consulting, strategy discussions, documentation, network assessments and internet security solutions.


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Note: We do not require you to purchase special software or monitoring appliances with our programs which keeps your costs lower.

1 Call Service is more than service! We are a solution!