“We had that problem for a month before you fixed it in 1 day!”

Dedicated Hosting

If you want your very own hosting but do not want to manage the hardware aspect or backup needs then a dedicated server will handle your high demand applications.

Cloud Hosting

The simplicity of cloud hosting from the client perspective is that you have a solution that grows just like a cloud. The former term for this was known as a server cluster. A family of computers working together as 1 computer. Add our management tools and you have cloud hosting which is a great way to market and describe an ever growing expandable service for clients. The cloud is international and goes everywhere!

VPS,Virtual Private Server Hosting

We use the commercial grade cloud hosting model to provide you a virtual server of your own with complete control of your services. Add, edit or delete anytime from anywhere with an internet connection. Use Outlook to check your mail or use webmail to check or send email on the go.

PCI Compliant Hosting

If you take credit cards you need a PCI compliant hosting solution for your security and the data security of customers credit card data.  If accepting credit cards is important then contact us for a free consultation on your current status of compliance.  A few processes put in properly means the difference between success or potentially losing your merchant account and ability to accept credit cards. Phone 972-418-2000.

International Hosting

Because of spam a lot of foreign companies looking to do business with US companies get blocked and our clients are all over the globe.  If you need an international hosting solution then you are in the right place.  From Taiwan to Tanzania and back, no problem.

Start any of the above solutions by contacting our custom website team at 972-418-2000.