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Today is not the first time a commercial came on TV telling heavenly tales of the cloud. Your life faster/better/cheaper.. in the Cloud. (Picture the butterflies flying gracefully to heaven’s cloud.) Many Cloud services offer great benefits and improved data access from anywhere. However..

Some of what is sold as cloud may not be cloud or have great benefits, and not all cloud solutions should be bought. We work closely with your company to provide workplace solutions and while we are cloud programmers ourselves will be the first to stand up and say, this is not the best answer for your company.

Many companies will find a mix of online services and inhouse owned solutions are the
best for service and bottom lines. You can do incredible things, we want to help!

Many companies have private cloud or hybrid cloud services already and do not realize it. We have been cloud providers before the term public cloud or private cloud was created.

What is a Private Cloud?
Best definition of a private cloud: Cloud technology delivers applications to users via TCP/IP(Internet protocol) to enable access from internet connected devices. The servers and systems are controlled by your company instead of a Google or Amazon infrastructure which is public and not able to be controlled by your company.

How are we different from most cloud providers?
For starters we have been hosting servers (cloud services) for companies since 1994. Benefit with our deep experience operating private clouds for 20 years and we run a solid operation with the highest up-times anywhere 99999! We will leverage your current assets to transform the way applications can be accessed. This extends the investments you have already made.

Elasticity is a word used by Microsoft and it is very fitting to describe another benefit of cloud based services. Your cloud can grow and resize to exactly match your business processes and create or streamline old processes. Many of our clients are 15-30 year old companies who have enjoyed cloud benefits for years. Join us.

Contact us by phone to engage us on the task of bringing you a private company cloud, clarifying benefits tied to YOUR goals.
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