“We had that problem for a month before you fixed it in 1 day!”

Turn-Key Servers

Personal Server Solutions – Business Productivity Online!

1 Call Service is more than just delivering another turn-key server, we are the solution.  Turn-key managed servers provide industry leading remote management and monitoring to meet your needs.  Business class security and reliability. Every client varies and our use-cost approach works by matching servers to actual usage.  In the real world you have to rely on experience not just software vendor requirements.   Microsoft Online solutions is a way to improve your business while streamlining your costs.  You need to get more information before buying from anyone else. 

  • Do you want a database server but do not want to manage it? Great, hire us.

Servers anywhere in the world you need with no IT costs.  If you need a dedicated server and want us to manage it then let us know and our team will handle it for you on a turn-key, everything is included basis!

Turn-key servers, personal solutions. Additionally, you can have your server hosted in a co-location center and managed by us.

Call 972-418-2000 or fill out our form and put the ball in our court.