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Free Cyber Security Checklist

Dynamic real time threat protection is why we have doors at our homes.   The doorway to your computer is the WIFI connection to the network or your Internet connection.   Antivirus is like a door to your house.  It stops problems; can let people in and out but has a lock for extra security.

This door is an essential element of protection from various elements and criminals.  We have tested virtually every product from Symantec, Kaspersky, ESET, Trend Micro, Bitdefender, NOD32, Vipre, Sophos, Webroot and others.   One product continues to win in the zero day exploit and antivirus category with configuration also being a factor for successfully protecting against virus and malware infections. 

The argument that your business is not large enough to be a target has been proven to be false. 

3 States of Data

1. Data at rest
2. Data in use
3. Data that has been stolen

Protecting your customer information, business process information, financials and personal information for everyone in the company is mission #1.  Fill out the form at the end of this page for lots more free cyber security information.



Security has changed. Network Security procedures should be confirmed as still viable and effective. The multi layer security blanket is a standard in the network business.   The PC, The People, The Connections, The Servers, The switches and the firewalls all play a role in network protection.  Having a second set of eyes helps you protect your users.  We do audits.



Network security does not end at the office or at the firewall of the branch office.   Almost everyone in the office has some type of outside account for processing, ordering, receiving, managing and delivering the goods and services of your company.  This is the focus of Cyber security services.   We can lock down the network and need to be sure we secure the infrastructure of company vendors who have employee login data and may have more personal data than most realize.  



Below is a simple and free cyber security checklist to help you with major areas that are easy to get under control.  The idea behind the cyber checklist is to identify gaps where your business is vulnerable to cyber attack, social engineering or simple release of private company documents.   Complete the smart form below to receive specific actions you can apply to improve your business security and success!   Any items you do not have is a place to start asking ‘does that apply to our company?’