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Never get your wires crossed again.

With the newly developed PBX technology and VOIP phones capturing and saving your calls will be automatic!
No need for jumpers or messy T-splitters. In short, the ideal connection tool for a trouble free installation.
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German insurance company, chooses Voip software in their Contact Center.

The new VOIP software scored its first success recently, a big insurance company chose OYGO as the preferred way of recording calls. In the contact center the agents work with soft phones on their PC’s (Avaya soft clients) in combination with a headset. After doing some extensive testing they decided to start implementing VOIP because of the Quality of the recording and the flexibility we offered them by quickly adapting to their needs. Call 972-418-2000

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Order intake by telephone 24 hours a day. After getting multiple requests over the past time the OCTO and QUARTO Call Recorders have been fitted with answering machine capability. This means the OCTO can be used as an answering machine picking up the line and taking messages on eight lines simultaneously if needed. Although it seems amazing, a lot of companies use relatively simple answering machines for this task and spend a lot of time copying orders and listening to different machines. The OCTO can simply e-mail the recordings or store them in a comprehensive database.