“We had that problem for a month before you fixed it in 1 day!”

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Why 1 Call?

Extensive experience in all things IT

1 Call Service is a well-established technology consulting company in the Dallas, Texas area with over 18 years extensive experience in key areas of information technology. We have industry specific expertise and case studies in Architect support, distribution, service, printing, telecommunication, manufacturing, medical, restaurant, retail as well as other areas. We strive to always exceed your expectations.


1 Call Service builds relationships with people. We provide you with an in-house solution to both present and future IT needs. We maintain your existing systems to ensure employees get the most benefit, continuously seek ways to better utilize a company’s existing computers as well as new tablet technology that will enhance company success. We work to give your company a strong and beneficial presence on the internet. 1 Call Service is committed to the whole health of your business.


Provide affordable unmatched computer services, support and product development. 1 Call Service will provide IT solutions solving our client needs while finding new ways to enhance their businesses.


1 Call Service is active in the North Texas PC Users Group, supports the Texas ISP association and the American ISP Association. We believe in promoting our economy and values.

When you are in need of on-site or internet service please contact us at 972-418-2000. Or plan early and have us setup maintenance or a dedicated block of hours for you.

1 Call Service is more than service!
We are a solution!