“We had that problem for a month before you fixed it in 1 day!”

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Data Recovery

is the protection of your data important?

Hard drive crash? Busted up your notbook and need to move the data to another computer? or had a bad lightning strike?
1 Call Service technicians are trained to recover your data effectiveness and skillfully. As long as the physical drive isnt damages there’s  a good change of recovery.

Data recovery is tricky and if you think your drive is bad or dieing


Alert us you need a copy of the backup or you need data restored and depending on what is needed we will take action to restore data or parts of data.

In a live server environment this often means leaving the live server alone and restoring the data on another system and extracting records since a simple overwrite would destroy more current data.

We hope this doesn’t happen very often but users do delete things once in awhile and hard drives crash. 🙂

Does your tablet have tons of pictures and has died or your tablet will not boot? We can work to recover data and pictures from a tablet.

Please call 972-418-2000 before making the problem worse.