“We had that problem for a month before you fixed it in 1 day!”

Magento Website Maintenance

The Magento e-commerce platform lends to new, growing and large ecommerce websites.  We maintain websites running Magento, WordPress etc..  As programmers we are able to complete requests requiring full programming.

Magento is feature-rich with multiple versions availalbe. Community version is open-source and offers online merchants flexibility and control over the style sheets, products and social media features of the online store.

Magento is over 10 years old which is why we adopted the platform.  Maturity takes time and the company is now owned by eBay which assures some interesting features will be there.

  1. Magento Go:

  • a quick and basic setup

  • Maximum 10,000 products

  1. Community:

  • open source PHP and MySQL

  • code, extend and create

  • Free,  just add “1 Call Service” for easy maintenance.

  1. Enterprise:

  • Deeper investment in support and services.

  • From $15,000 and up on average plus design, server clusters etc…

An excellent platform giving you, our client control of the tools, features and shopper experience.   Bloggers will love you, customers will love you.   Call 9 7 2 – 4 1 8 – 2 0 0 0 for immediate support or a future Magento migration.