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Backups: Once a Day or Once an Hour?

Are you backing up your servers? Your computers? Any files? How do you determine how often you backup?

You Need Automatic Backup!

One of the most common questions that we are asked is “Do we really need to backup our stuff? Are backups just for big businesses?”  When your hard drive dies (and it will), can you afford to be down while your systems are restored and data is recovered (if possible)? Backups are a necessity, like having an email account. 1 Call Service makes it easy to get up and running with automated backups locally and to the cloud.

Whether you are a business with 2 servers or have multiple off-site employees, backups are essential to have. With everything going “digital”, it’s nice to know that when your hard drive dies, or your computer is stolen or destroyed, or any other number of things that can happen, that all of your data (be it excel files, financial data or personal photos) is safe and secure.

What Kind of Backups Do You Need?

There are two main types of backup systems: Online and Offline. Online backups include Cloud Storage and other web-based storage systems. Offline backups include DVD’s, external hard drive backups, and RAID setups. We recommend that you use both types of backups. We believe that “more is better”, because things happen, and it’s not a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket. We provide turn key backup programs and solutions, call or fill out our quick online form. We will be happy to setup the backup process for you with automation and reporting!

How Often Should You Backup?

We dislike answering questions with “it depends”, but in the computer world, that is another way of saying we need a more information to define the best solution. There are many configurations and options out there that it’s difficult to have one answer for every company. What we do recommend is to take a look at how you are using the computers and ask yourself, “If my server dies tonight, how many days/hours is it OK for me to lose?” This answer tells us just how critical it is to insure your systems are up and running.

Nightly backup used to be the norm but there are better systems now.   Backing up ever hour means your office can work all afternoon and not lose a days work when things go south at 4:59pm.
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