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Digital Security

You need to keep your network, people and computers secure!

The network cyber security threat has grown 300% in the last year.  The common computer user now relates to terms like trojan, ransom, malware, exploit, intrusion detection system or dangerous virus exploits.   Everyone knows someone who has been infected, lost productivity and more!

Proven solutions! We prepare your network to better defend and avoid troubles.  The issues are complex between company information, HIPPA, CMMC, Finra etc..  The solutions can be easy to manage and transparent to employees with best practice implementation of security software, authentication and firewalls. Employees do not need to be encumbered with security issues while just trying to do their jobs!

We utilize a mix of secure authentication, firewalls, spyware blockers and solid network management tools from top vendors who all provide software and hardware to reduce exposure to cyber attacks.  ITIL Best practices defines using multiple tools and good business policies to manage your infrastructure. We provide 3rd party written audits.

  • Over 25 years in business.
  • Security Oriented.
  • Solution Driven.
  • Penetration Tested.
  • Attack Surface Analysis.
  • Active Directory Rules and Roles.
  • Access Control on and to the network.

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ids network appliance

Dell Sonicwall Firewalls
Cyber Security network appliances
Bitdefender, Webroot, Sentinel One, Fire Eye, Crowd Strike
Corporate Antivirus is evolving, you need to at least have something..
Intrusion Detection
Microsoft multi-factor authentication
Get Ransomware backup protection

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