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Server Management

All the benefits of in-house IT staff.

serversA managed cloud server is a server that is managed and maintained for you.  The server could be in your office or deployed and accessed remotely so you never have to see it.  We came into this solution when a customer said they wanted a server but did not want it in their office.  That was over 15 years ago.

Cloud Server Maintenance, Management, Monitoring and Helpdesk Support

Our managed maintenance services provide peace of mind knowing you do not have to be technical, update security fixes etc… 1 Call Service will manage your servers for your company whereever they are located.

  • Do you want a customized business business server solutionbut don’t want to manage it? Great, hire us.

You are probably getting the idea now.  If you want dedicated cloud services and automatic maintenance but do not want to manage directly then let us know.

Complete maintenance for your office by a team with the most experience in Texas!  Your network will be very well managed!

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